Bonus #6 An Orgasmic Experience

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable

13-06-2023 • 1時間 21分

Recently, Mayko and Scarlett experienced a three-hour-long breathing exercise event. Today, they are unpacking the experience. Scarlett originally heard about this event through Instagram and remembers seeing posts from recent workshops featuring people experiencing intense emotional release during the exercises. Scarlet was intrigued by the event’s claim of providing “hours of therapy in one night” and decided to enlist Mayko into checking it out with her. Be forewarned–this episode deals with some spiritually heavy stuff!

Scarlett and Mayko both had different experiences of the event. Scarlett describes it as orgasmic and euphoric while Mayko felt it was less transcendental, but still enlightening. She describes it as less of a physical experience and more of an emotional one, as she re-discovered herself and unleashed repressed emotions during the exercises.

The girls begin by recounting the stormy night that brought the 250 participants to a hotel meeting room, yoga mats and water bottles in tow. Scarlett recalls the host’s explanation that what they were about to experience would be much more akin to an exorcism than a yoga class. The girls initially felt like these warnings were a way of prepping the room for a worst-case scenario, but it became clear they were more foretelling than the girls initially thought.

Scarlett and Mayko also discuss in depth the physiological responses their bodies had to the exercises, namely the lobster-claw sensation in their hands and the internal vibrations. Mayko explains how the process activates both the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems, resulting in sensations similar to a panic attack without the feeling of panic. She dives into how these sensations helped her to tap into and unleash unresolved feelings of anger she didn’t even know were there.

Scarlett also takes the time to recount the paranormal and spiritual experiences she had shortly after her first husband’s death and her experience during her spiritual baptism. This provides some context for the euphoric realizations that she goes on to describe during the breathing exercises. This propels the conversation into a deeper realm where Scarlet ponders the connection between shifting frequencies and the communal love and relief the participants experienced. Scarlett shares her speculative feelings toward her spirituality and how she has come to believe that a higher power can take on many forms to find its way to those who believe.

After some deep soul and spirit searching, Scarlett has come to the decision to relinquish the singular reins of her control of the podcast. Going forward, Chase will be stepping into a new role as host, and Scarlett’s involvement on the show will migrate to a lesser role for now. In wrapping up the end of an era, Scarlett first takes some time to explain the thought process behind her decision.

She starts by reflecting on her ever-evolving journey since the last time she was in the studio recording. To gain some context into the journey that brought Scarlett to her realization, Athena first shares the profile of polarity coach, Zak Roedde, whose ideas she found intriguing and impactful enough in her own life that she had to send them over to Scarlett. Scarlett’s curiosity led her to engage with Roedde’s posts and his provocative opinions. She shares that while she initially felt triggered by Roedde’s polarizing posts, they are what ultimately tipped off her own journey of self-reflection into masculine and feminine energy.

The group discusses the difference between feminine and masculine energies and how many women find themselves trapped in masculine energy and therefore out of touch with their feminine energy and needs. Athena and Scarlett discuss the caveats of how to best approach this view of feminine and masculine energy in a way that doesn’t foster compliance instead of trust. Scarlett...