#65 Gas Station Make-Out Session

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable

19-05-2023 • 49分

Ryan joins Scarlett for the first time on the show today to discuss everything from business cards to sexy spirit fairies and the principle of supply and demand. Scarlett starts the conversation with some context for how she and Ryan met. Ryan, manager at a local convenience store, details how he kept finding Scarlett’s business cards strategically placed under every candy bar and stack of chips in his store. He eventually reached out on Instagram to ask her to stop leaving her cards around, but his asks went unnoticed in her filtered inbox for months. Eventually, a similar, less pleasant, business-card mishap at a different local business led Scarlett to finally sort through her requested inbox, where she uncovered his messages and-–they actually hit it off.

Ryan’s interest in her podcast had been piqued and he quickly became close to Scarlett, who he now cheekily calls his fairy sex-godmother. Fast-forward to today and Ryan has made his way fully down the rabbit hole to become something of a star on the Discord himself. He and Scarlett discuss their frequent texts and lengthy chats every time Scarlett stops by the store to say hi and sprinkle her sexy fairy dust. They catch us up on their history and the lead-up to their minty gas station make-out session.

The conversation then shifts to the advice that Scarlett has given Ryan in his own dating life. Ryan talks about the hours he has spent confiding in Scarlett about the areas he has difficulty with when talking to girls and getting beneath the surface level. Ryan also breaks down his issues with the games that people play when talking to each other. He gives Scarlett a run-down of two of his most recent experiences with girls he met at work, neither of which went according to plan. After schooling him on why you never lead with, “What are you doing on xyz?” when asking someone out on a date, Scarlett offers her fairy sex godmother wisdom to help him tap into his regular, daily confidence when he is talking to women. Finally, Scarlett gives Ryan a few tips on how improving his confidence will improve his dating game.

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