Bonus #4 Meet Lila

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable

18-04-2023 • 1時間

Scarlett has Lila on the podcast to share her journey from being a late bloomer to becoming the confident woman she is today. In their conversation, Lila talks about growing up with a fraternal twin brother and experiencing her parents’ amicable divorce. From there, the girls chat about how awkward middle school years can be, and the residual insecurities that can linger for years.

Lila expresses how not being outwardly desired in her earlier years, coupled with her discovery of pain during penetration, made for some long-lasting baggage to unpack. However, her main motivation for contacting Scarlett about joining the podcast was to provide listeners with hope from the other side of that journey. Through pelvic floor therapy to help with alleviating her pain, she’s been able to start exploring sex and finally enjoying herself along the way.

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After some deep soul and spirit searching, Scarlett has come to the decision to relinquish the singular reins of her control of the podcast. Going forward, Chase will be stepping into a new role as host, and Scarlett’s involvement on the show will migrate to a lesser role for now. In wrapping up the end of an era, Scarlett first takes some time to explain the thought process behind her decision.

She starts by reflecting on her ever-evolving journey since the last time she was in the studio recording. To gain some context into the journey that brought Scarlett to her realization, Athena first shares the profile of polarity coach, Zak Roedde, whose ideas she found intriguing and impactful enough in her own life that she had to send them over to Scarlett. Scarlett’s curiosity led her to engage with Roedde’s posts and his provocative opinions. She shares that while she initially felt triggered by Roedde’s polarizing posts, they are what ultimately tipped off her own journey of self-reflection into masculine and feminine energy.

The group discusses the difference between feminine and masculine energies and how many women find themselves trapped in masculine energy and therefore out of touch with their feminine energy and needs. Athena and Scarlett discuss the caveats of how to best approach this view of feminine and masculine energy in a way that doesn’t foster compliance instead of trust. Scarlett shares how the energetic foundation she laid for herself helped her to eventually become receptive to Zak’s ideas.

She then turns the baton to Mr. Vegas to share his side of the experience and how he came to buy into the masculine and feminine ideology himself. Scarlett and Athena discuss their unique experiences learning how to shift from giving to receiving energy. Lolita even muses on how she has changed since being subjected to the group chatter–even though she isn’t sure she's fully on board with all of it just yet. The group recounts handling a recent encounter at a Dave Matthews Band concert and Scarlett unpacks how her struggles to lean into her feminine energy have impacted certain relationships in her life, such as her relationship with her father and with her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Rounding out the episode, Scarlett returns to how her decision to hand off the podcast comes from her wish to work on her feminine receiving energy and how she has used these techniques in handling her initial feelings of conflict with Chase during the process of handing over the reins. Ultimately, the group discusses their own findings and their hopes for what others can learn from examining their own energies as well.