IMPACT MUSIC (Hijinks, Hilarity, and Frivolity!) - Episode 77

Impact Music

10-11-2023 • 59分

In our newest show on Impact Radio USA, we bring back to life the "LIVE SINGING" segments and the "NAME THAT TUNE" contests that were originally heard LIVE on "Dr. Paul's Family Talk" radio show!

As these are the two most popular segments from "Dr. Paul's Family Talk" radio show, we decided to package them into a new show, entitled "Impact Music" (Hijinks, Hilarity, and Frivolity!).

Today's episode features:

  • "Love and Marriage" - LS
  • "Perhaps Love" - LS
  • "The Rose" - LS

We hope that you enjoy this show as much as you have enjoyed all of our other shows!

"Impact Music" (Hijinks, Hilarity, and Frivolity!) can be heard on our radio station at 8:00 am ET, 3:00 pm, and 10:00 pm ET seven days/nights a week.