Know Yourself: Be true to yourself

Just Know Though Podcast

16-03-2021 • 47分

Second to last episode of know yourself series, and we’re not holding back. Ever think you need to change yourself and feel the pressures of fitting in? Rosie and Bria let it all out, and let me tell you. One of the best friend duos out there! We dive into what it means to identify yourself, the benefits of knowing your family history, being unique, and beautiful friendships.

I hope this gives us all something to think about, something that resonates deep within us, and gives us the confidence to own who we are, and not let society dictate how we should view ourselves. We talkin talkin in this one and I apologize for the audio quality in advance, its a virtual/remote world we live in right now.

If you haven’t listened to any episodes yet, listen to this one.

Just Know Though Podcast provides an open space to discuss mental health, some episodes contains depression and past trauma which are not to draw attention to the guest, but rather express the painful thoughts that one may experience. To highlight the tremendous journey, and potential power one possesses to overcome battles. To encourage support and grace because it is more common than we think. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please text or call the numbers below. Most importantly reach out to them and let them know they matter and that you care and then listen.