Crypto Travel Rule Policy


31-08-2022 • 36分

What does Crypto Travel Rule mean for you?

The measure is essential to prevent bad actors from using digital assets to launder money. It affects everyone who dabbles in cryptocurrencies from exchanges to everyday investors.

Almost three years after the controversial "travel rule" guidance was issued by the Financial Action Tax Force or FATF, regulators and virtual asset service providers or VASP are still coming to terms with the economic and technical challenges of implementing these rules. While VASPs, which include but are not limited to crypto exchanges, wallet services and crypto custodial solutions, are the primary focus of this regulation, mass implementation is expected to slowly but surely impact how you interact with crypto.

In view of these, we've invited once again a seasoned banker, a brilliant crypto compliance consultant and an exceptional AML (Anti-Money Laundering) transaction monitoring advisor, Mr. Dominic Gee presently based in Asia Pacific region as he walk us through the critical importance of the "Crypto Travel Rule Policy" and its significant relevance to our digital economy.

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