Matrix of Innovation


17-11-2023 • 49分

The economic volatility and uncertainty, higher cost of funding, and the need to diversify supply chains are particular concerns for businesses operating in the Asia Pacific region. But what sets the region apart is the access to enormous technology talent pools that are adept at resolving problems through the use of artificial intelligence, process automation, and data analysis among others.

One result of this is the region’s leadership in adopting new real-time payments methods, plus API and cloud-based payments technologies, which has led to the emergence of popular digital wallets and sophisticated digital banking providers. These in turn are transforming e-commerce and leading the swift rise of new business approaches, such as direct-to-consumer, usage-based pricing, and subscription models. Meanwhile, online platforms that once catered to a single niche are expanding through partnerships with firms in other sectors, giving rise to multi-industry, region-wide ecosystems.

This has made the region a cradle of innovation when it comes to financial technology, and a must-follow space for those interested in where digital adoption go next. In view of these, we've invited Mr. Umang Moondra, Chief Executive Officer of APIX platform as he walks us through the significant relevance of innovation into our digital economy.

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