Kore Combatives Podcast #6 - Nutrition, Trauma Training, and the 7 E's

Kore Combatives Podcast

19-11-2022 • 1時間 26分

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Kore Combatives Podcast #6 - Nutrition, Trauma Training, and the 7 E's

In this episode, Shihan Walt Lysak covered one more element within the BJJ Daily Dozen, Nutrition in General.

When it comes to preparedness, having a basic knowledge of Trauma care and CPR is fundamental for those looking to become more capable.

We added a new segment that will kick off each episode called "Right To The Point."

We also covered the 7 E's in our RMA Warrior Principles segment.

One more fantastic segment is the 'Book of the Week'. Check out our recommendations here:

- Principles of Personal Defense: https://amzn.to/3EMBBZx

- The Courage To Be Disliked: https://amzn.to/3UQSHuP

00:00:00 - Highlight
00:00:52 - Intro
00:02:30 - Right To The Point
00:06:00 - Brainstorming Our Dissertations - Communism is Evil
00:23:30 - Overview of the BJJ Daily Dozen
00:25:00 - Nutrition for Competitors and Capable People
00:33:00 - Professor Mondelli Take on Nutrition
00:36:00 - RMA Warrior Principles - The 7 E's
01:01:00 - RMA Preparedness Principles - Trauma Training
01:06:00 - Quotes of The Week
01:08:00 - Books of The Week

Professor Luigi Mondelli in Danbury, CT:

Shihan Walt Lysak in Springfield, MA

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