Gigi - the pain coach - 'attaching too much to an outcome', is not healthy

New School of Nutritional Medicine

05-10-2023 • 1時間 8分

Meet Gigi,a 'professional support system', find out what Gigi means by that in the podcast.

Gigi's story is one that shows the magnificence of MINDBODY medicine. Gigi was suffering from over 10 chronic conditions including fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome, but it was the Interstitial cystitis that was the last straw. Gigi's story and determination to not accept the status quo is not only inspiring but quite honestly, life-changing. When it was first suggested to Gigi that her chronic conditions may be her brain trying to communicate danger, Gigi did not believe it, if anything she was angry at her mother for even suggesting this. How dare she!

Gigi talks about how 'attaching too much to an outcome', is not healthy. If anything, it can hinder your healing journey. All that focus on getting well, on those symptoms, on those remedies, on those tests, on 'when is it going to happen next?'

Have you ever considered your chronic pain condition may be your brain picking up danger?

Have you ever considered that your chronic pain may be the nervous system literally saying 'You are not safe', can you just listen to me?

Have you ever considered the answer to your healing is not in a pill be it a white pill or the size of a horse pill?

The power of INTEGRATIVE coaching and understanding the MINDBODY physiology and living it, not DO-ing it, is a powerful combination. Join Khush and Gigi on this emotionally inspiring journey.

You can find Gigis' details here

Books mentioned in podcast:

1) Howard Schubiner

  • Unlearn Your Pain

2) Dr Johns Sarno

  • The Divided Mind
  • The Mindbody Prescription
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