Round One NBA Playoffs

What Do Women Know About Sports

25-04-2022 • 37分

On this weeks episode we discussed all the games happening during round one of the NBA playoffs. Round one has been filled with a lot of excitement from different series but then there are some series where its just a easy call on who is winning the whole thing. The Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics might be the best series during round one. Boston has been playing amazing basketball and for that reason it is  very possible that they may knock the Nets out of playoff contention. In the west, the Golden State Warriors have been playing amazing against the Denver Nuggets and could very well sweep the series. Also in the west the Phoenix Suns versus the New Orleans Pelicans has been an interesting series. Devin Booker had an amazing first half in game two but during the second half got injured with a hamstring injury and will miss between 2-3 weeks. Does Booker being out change anything for the Suns in terms them being forward? Let us know who you have moving forward to the second round in both conferences. Overall playoff season is in full swing and we are excited about it.

A special shoutout goes to our guest this week, Jacob!