From Jersey Retirement to Unnecessary Drama

What Do Women Know About Sports

13-03-2023 • 40分

On this weeks episode we start off by congratulating Pau Gasol on his jersey retirement with the Lakers. Pau is officially cemented in the rafters with a few of the Lakers great and his jersey will hang forever next to his brother Kobe Bryant. Pau's ceremony brought out a lot of Laker greats who played with him and even some who did not but respected him as a player. Vanessa Bryant also presented Pau with a video from Kobe speaking very highly of Pau stating he could not wait for the day when Paul ad his jersey retirement. Although very touching it was also a bittersweet moment because Kobe is no longer with us to celebrate. Next we move over to the Memphis Grizzlies and start off by discussing the drama around Ja Morant. If you do not know Ja Morant went out to a club in Colorado, flashed a gun and has since been in the spotlight facing backlash and also was under investigation both with the NBA but also in Colorado. This incident where Ja Morant has been shown negatively in the spotlight. Since the incident Ja has been suspended from a total of 6 games and he has apologized and stated that he plans on taking some time away to get hisself together. Does Ja Morant need better people around him? Lastly we discussed the invisible beef between Draymond Green and Dillon Brooks. Dillon Brooks stated that he doesn't like Draymond or the Warriors and Draymond responded on his posted and called Dillon a clown. Honestly, this beef is unnecessary because no-one sees either team as a rivalry with each other. How do you feel about the Draymond and Dillon beef? Whose side are you on?