Ep. 255 - Brittany Piper on Life After Sexual Assault + Healing a Broken System

Almost 30

17-09-2019 • 1時間 40分

If you’ve experienced sexual assault or some form of trauma, may today’s guest inspire you with her powerful story of resilience and hope. Brittany Piper is a sexual assault survivor who has taken her pain and turned it into purpose. She is a motivational speaker, sexual violence prevention expert, and healing coach who helps others transform their pain and believe in second chances.   Our conversation begins with Brittany recounting her story (this may be triggering for some). This leads into how sexual assault has been normalized by the sensationalization of it, and the sheer lack of sex education in the United States. Brittany explains the science behind why trauma survivors have lapses in memory, and physical ways trauma manifests in the body. She details her experience with learning to love herself again after being so disconnected, and shares thoughtful, grounding questions you can use to help heal your own trauma. We know you’ll be touched by her story, and the work she now does to make a difference in trauma survivors’ lives.   We also talk about: Sex education in the U.S. & abroad Media attention focused on attractiveness The role race plays in sentencing Tonic immobility & disassociation Brittany’s modes of healing Reintegration as a foundation of healing The healing curriculum Brittany is building for women Putting resources into those who are incarcerated Brittany’s female healing retreats   Find more to love at almost30podcast.com!   Resources: Learn more: brittanypiper.com ; onthemendretreat.com Instagram: @thebrittpiper Books: The Body Remembers ; The Gifts of Imperfection   Upcoming Events: September 18th: Nashville with Julie Solomon September 19th: Nashville with Dr. Josh Axe October 3rd: NYC with Nikki Glaser October 4th: NYC with Erin Claire Jones October 9th: NYC with Stewart Pearce   Sponsors: Chosen Foods | Use code ALMOST30 for 50% off at chosenfoods.com/almost30 Dr. Roebucks | Visit drroebucks.com and use code ALMOST30 for 20% off Better Help | Visit betterhelp.com/almost30 for 10% off your first month. Third Love | Head to thirdlove.com/almost30 for 15% off! Silver Fern | Use code ALMOST30 for 20% off your first order at silverfernbrand.com Further Food | Use code ALMOST30 for 30% off your purchase at shop.furtherfood.com/discount/ALMOST30 Almost 30 is edited by Crate Media This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy Podsights - https://podsights.com/privacy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices