United A.F (As Friends)

United A.F

In a world where technology helps us all stay connected, why is it then that the amount of pertinent information we know about those closest to us, barely ever scratches the surface of what defines them? This is the precise conundrum that we three friends are intent on examining. Each of us comes from drastically different backgrounds (culturally, familially, and racially), brought together by chance throughout our adolescence, and have somehow, miraculously remained best friends after eleven years. The definition of what constitutes best friends has evolved with us as we have aged. We remained in contact with each other and although we are on different planes as adults, we still are there for each other. If you’re interested in learning how people from a multicultural town with such different personalities and backgrounds connect, navigate their next stage of friendship as they approach their dirty thirties, ask each other questions that will push the envelope on their definition of friendship, or are just curious about strangers’ live, join us bi-weekly because this is the podcast for you. read less