Your Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Questions Answered - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.22.24

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22-02-2024 • 1時間 2分

We've played Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and we're here to answer your questions about it. Run of Show - - Start - Housekeeping Our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Review is up right now as a Gamescast. ICYM: Game Showdown LIVE is coming to PAX East with me and a crew of guests! If you wanna watch Kinda Funny's Trivia Show LIVE in the PAX audience, it's going down Friday March 22nd at 1pm in the Albatross Theater. I’ll also be hosting the Cyberpunk 2077 panel on March 23rd, 2024, at 3:30 PM local time, in the Main Theatre of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The Roper Report  - - Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Review Round Up - Your FF7 Questions Answered! - Ad - Sony is now testing PSVR 2 support for PC - Project L officially has a title - FromSoftware's Miyazaki Responds to Calls for Bloodborne Remake on PS5 - From Software isn’t ruling out Elden Ring 2 or a second expansion - Wee News! - SuperChats - You‘re Wrong Tomorrow’s Hosts: Tim & Greg Learn more about your ad choices. Visit