Greg Miller’s First Night With Suicide Squad (Review Update) - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.31.24

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31-01-2024 • 1時間 7分

Greg gives his updated thoughts on Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League alongside Snowbike Mike, Andy Cortez, and Parris Lily. - Start - Housekeeping We’ve teamed up with the indie exchange for the ULTIMATE spring game showcase! The game submission deadline for the MIX/KF Spring Showcase is Feb 2nd. Head to to get your game submitted. ICYMI: Our Suicide Squad Review So Far Gamescast is up on The Roper Report  - - Greg’s First Night With Suicide Squad: A Review, Continued - Ad - What’s going on at Ubisoft? - Fans think Need For Speed developer Stellar could be teasing a new Burnout - Sega of America is reportedly laying off more than 10% of staff - PDP's New Wireless Guitar Controller Works With Rock Band 4 and, Eventually, Fortnite Festival - Wee News! - SuperChats - You‘re Wrong Tomorrow’s Hosts: Bless & Tim Learn more about your ad choices. Visit