Frozen Chopped Onions podcast

Alison Moore

Not a cooking podcast - a wellbeing podcast for overwhelmed women. Why Frozen Chopped Onions? Well because I like a metaphor. Helping overwhelmed women find that healthy balance between caring for themselves, their family, their work so that you can live fulfilling and meaningful lives is exactly what I'm about. I help women understand where they might hinder their life desires and gently, simply and kindly help them adjust or change. I'm Alison Moore, and I'm an occasionally overwhelmed woman who's managed to get good enough balance between my various life demands. I'm a Coach - through emotional mentoring I help professional women build balance and get unstuck. I'm a contributor to BBC Radio, owner of dachshunds, newbie kick boxer. There are tried and tested solutions that I know through my years of experience of working with women, work. And it starts with frozen chopped onions. In the podcast I reveal all. read less