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Rebecca Snyder hosts "Advice you didn't ask for," an advice podcast that sheds light on a range of topics for a range of viewers. Every Thursday, Rebecca breaks down different issues varying from school to girl talks, everyday life, break ups, and even those embarrassing topics you're too scared to ask your parents about.

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My mom almost sued my sexist middle school
My mom almost sued my sexist middle school
Hey guys, I hope you're all doing well! Today we're doing a little bit of a different type of episode! I'm going to be telling ya'll about the time my mom almost sued my middle school! DM me on insta and let me know if you want me to stick to advice or also do some story times! Thank you so much for tuning into my podcast! Be safe out there, and I hope to see you soon! Sorry, there hasn't been an upload in a while. I've been crazy busy with my three jobs, fam stuffs, and some personal stuff! I'm trying to get back on schedule but can't promise anything! I do want to put a little note here about why I feel the need to share this story. Some, especially those who are cis male-gendered, might not understand why this story is such a big deal. I first want to clarify, if a parent or legal guardian is requesting their give them to the parent. UNLESS and ONLY UNLESS you have suspicion of abuse or harm happening in the home, you should always give a parent their child when asked. Two, it is no one's business to tell a student, staff member, or parent that what they consider an emergency is not an emergency. If my mother AND the nurse were both saying, "It's an emergency. Get her out of the class"; you get me or any student out of the damn class. Who are you to tell a medical professional or a parent that what a child is experiencing is not an emergency? What if it was an emergency but not one visible to the naked eye? I feel as though people can be so ignorant about women and those who don't identify as female but get their periods and what we go through during this time of the month. Keep a tampon in for too long; you can die of toxic shock syndrome. No one, especially a cis-gendered man, should comment on a period not being an emergency or a valid reason for a student to leave the class. I was sitting in my own period blood and leaking all over the seat. Don't you think that's more of a disturbance then me leaving the class? Not letting a student out because their period is not an excuse is sexist and awful. You could put someone in a very bad or scary situation from ignorance. xoxo,Rebecca SnyderWatch the visual version here, and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel @Becca Snyder!Tiktok: