SGT Ramirez

MVGA's Podcast

02-09-2022 • 36分

On this episode I had the opportunity to talk with the United States Marine Corps Veteran turned bodybuilder and personal trainer, SGT Ramirez. We talked about how his upbringing as well as attending a Military High School in Columbia helped set him up for success. SGT. Ramirez talked about getting NJP twice and how he was able to cope and stay motivated to continue his career and work his way back to becoming an SGT. SGT Ramirez wants everyone to know that no one is going to help you out IF you DO NOT reach out. Closed mouths don't get fed. If you are motivated, dedicated, and ready to change your life, reach out to SGT Ramirez for some personal training lessons. At least check his page out for some mental and physical motivation.

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