Losing My Mind

Surface Level

07-06-2023 • 50分

Jordan, Damon & Tony are curious - How can we dismantle mental health stigmas and foster understanding? In this episode as we navigate the complex terrain of mental health. We welcome Jarred Denzel Keller to our Surface Level Family. Jarred, a Mental Health Advocate and Senior Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, bears his truth for all to hear and see. Together, we shed light on the commodification of mental well-being, advocating for genuine understanding, compassion, and the urgent dismantling of stigmas. Prepare for an eye-opening discussion challenging preconceptions, cultivating empathy, and embracing a compassionate approach. Journey with us as we strive to create a society fostering support, acceptance, and genuine care for mental well-being. We know a lot but we don’t know it all, so join the conversation on social and let us know your thoughts.