Tripti Mishra

POETRYPHILTRE is a literary blog on the magic potion of Poetry .. .and a poet's Journey. read less
Poetryphiltre- An introduction
Poetryphiltre- An introduction
Greetings!!!POETRYPHILTRE Welcomes you !POETRYPHILTRE or Poetry-the magic potion. I Know not exactly when where how poetry gave me this magic potion and I fell in love with it… head over heels or heels overhead   Here you will find every potion of the drug that builds in me.. . moves in me… Poetry embraces  .. walks with me …talks to me…surprises with beautiful magical words ….  and then makes me sit and write …anywhere …on anything.. and then more… Poetry is all about life and also more about emotion and expression… Two very complex parts of the being that we are…This emotional concoction keeps brewing inside all of us … what form of outlet or expression  it chooses one knows not.. and I have discovered that Poetry is one of the most magical forms of expression .. often mystical.. in its own rhyme and rhythm.. it manages to capture some of the most soulful part of our being. Sharing Poetry is about sharing ones love for life and also the understanding that we all (between the range of least’s and extremes) experience these wonderful emotions .. some of us have been able to find the outlet.. some of us are still waiting in search of it..Maybe my love for Poetry helps you sort out your own souls outlet.. not necessarily in poetry form…anything that you would want to express yourself with..in a very positive way.. any artistic outlet to my mind is connecting with the soul and yet confirming the human tryst of expression…I am trying ..would you!!!  Wonderful…Lets Begin!!!  ” Si! So I move incandescent   swiveling to the beat   my rhythm sifting every rhyme  spreading the enlightened wings of my soul”  Tripti