Spotify's saga continues, $FB warns of EU exit, GoFundMe's protest refund, Peloton's suitors | E1380

This Week in Startups

08-02-2022 • 1時間 3分

Molly and Jason catch up on the big news stories from the weekend. First, we talk about the Joe Rogan & Spotify saga (1:51) and size up the odds of Rogan finishing out his contract with Spotify (15:41). Then, we cover Facebook warning about pulling Instagram and Facebook out of Europe due to privacy regulations (29:54). Next, we cover GoFundMe’s decision to pull funding for the “Freedom Convoy” protesters in Canada. We wrap with a discussion of the WSJ's reporting that Amazon is considering acquiring Peloton (57:26).

0:00 Jason and Molly intro today’s topics!
1:51 Daniel Ek’s comments on the newest Joe Rogan controversy: Is Spotify a publisher? Why or why not?
14:26 Ourcrowd - Check out the deal of the week at
15:41 Jason predicts the endgame for Joe Rogan and Spotify, Molly and Jason break down the odds of Rogan finishing out his contract with Spotify
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29:03 Wrapping on Rogan/Spotify
29:54 $FB warns the SEC and shareholders they could pull out of Europe pending new privacy laws, how Meta could win over public sentiment
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40:51 Meta’s need for a “coalition,” does $FB need new leadership? Plus, Jason fixes Meta’s PR mess
45:52 GoFundMe’s controversial decision re: Canadian truckers “Freedom Convoy”
57:26 Amazon rumored to be looking at a potential Peloton acquisition, Jason takes credit for a hot take