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Christian Koesling & André Borusiak

We believe that the power of technology can help us overcome current challenges and pave the way for a brighter future! ✨ Join us on the journey of connection and innovation through our podcast "Connecting For Future" 🎙️🎧 In each episode, we dive deep into conversations with trendsetters in various fields and individuals who are true role models, finding innovative ways to tackle today's pressing challenges. 🌍🤝 Their insights and experiences provide a roadmap for a more connected and sustainable future. 👥💬 Let's bridge the gaps, break down barriers, and harness the potential of technology to unite people worldwide! 🌐💡 Our purpose is clear - to connect for a better future! 🌟✨ Tune in to "Connecting For Future" and be inspired by the stories of those making a positive impact in their communities and beyond. 🎧🌱 Together, we can create a world where collaboration, understanding, and innovation thrive! 🌍💙 #ConnectingForFuture #Innovation #BetterTogether André Borusiak has been Director Multinational Accounts since November 2019. His great passion are technical innovations and working as a manager with people and companies in change situations. During his career he has held leading positions in teams at Vodafone and Siemens. Here is André's profile: Christian Koesling started his career in 2006 with Vodafone Enterprise Sales in Germany before joining Vodafone Global Enterprise/ Vodafone Group dedicated to managing the communications of multinational organizations as Co-Founder for International Public Sector and is now in charge for global Defense. Here is Christian’s profile: read less
#5 Shameel Joosub, CEO Vodacom Group... Financial Services is more than just a fintech
#5 Shameel Joosub, CEO Vodacom Group... Financial Services is more than just a fintech
In this episode, we talk with Shameel Joosub, who is a prominent business executive known for his role as the CEO of Vodacom Group, a leading telecommunications company in Africa. Under his leadership, Vodacom has experienced significant growth and expansion, particularly in the realm of financial technology, with the introduction of innovative services like M-Pesa. One of Joosub's notable achievements is his recognition of the immense potential of fintech in Africa. M-Pesa, a mobile money transfer and payment service, was introduced by Vodacom under Joosub's tenure. M-Pesa revolutionized the way financial transactions were conducted, especially in countries with limited access to traditional banking infrastructure. It enabled users to send and receive money, pay bills, and access other financial services through their mobile phones. The service proved to be immensely popular and successful, transforming the financial landscape across the continent. Joosub's leadership style has been instrumental in Vodacom's success in the fintech space. He has displayed a forward-thinking approach, recognizing the need for technological innovation to meet the unique challenges and opportunities in Africa. Joosub's strategic vision has helped Vodacom leverage its extensive telecommunications network to offer financial services that address the financial inclusion gap prevalent in many African countries. Under Joosub's guidance, Vodacom has also forged strategic partnerships with various stakeholders, including financial institutions and governments, to further strengthen the reach and impact of its fintech initiatives. These collaborations have facilitated the expansion of M-Pesa and other financial services, making them more accessible to a wider population. As a leader, Joosub has demonstrated an ability to navigate complex regulatory environments and adapt to changing market dynamics. He has emphasized the importance of creating sustainable business models that not only drive profitability but also contribute to socio-economic development in the communities Vodacom serves. In summary, Shameel Joosub's leadership as the CEO of Vodacom Group has been instrumental in leveraging the power of fintech, particularly through the introduction of M-Pesa. His strategic vision, emphasis on collaboration, and ability to adapt have positioned Vodacom as a key player in the African fintech landscape, enabling greater financial inclusion and transforming the way people access and manage their money across the continent.