86. Changing our relationship with change - Pt. 4. A solocast.

Don't Cut Your Own Bangs

29-03-2021 • 18分

This stage, I lovingly call - > Embrace the suck. ⁣

The truth is, change is hard. Even when we know it's good for us and ESPECIALLY when it's something we really really want. ⁣

The greater our desire:⁣
✔️The higher the stakes⁣
✔️The more we have to lose⁣
✔️The more vulnerable we feel if it doesn't work out⁣

"Embracing the suck" doesn't mean that every step along the way will be a painful one. What it means is that even when it's hard, even when you doubt yourself -> you can move forward anyway. ⁣

Waiting to feel comfortable before you start may mean you're waiting a loooooooong time. Don't wait. You're worth it. And what you desire most may just be on the other side of this last step!⁣


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