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31-08-2023 • 17分

If you've listened to any of these episodes, you'll know how absolutely passionate I am about people staying connected with sport and movement, in any form. So when I saw the facts about the drop in participation in kids sport (it's so bad it's called a participation cliff), I wanted to be part of a solution. A movement. To keep kids in the game.

I'm jumping into your feed to bring you an episode of a new podcast I've been working on with Rebecca Sparrow (tween/teen author and advocate) and Georgie Trickett (kids coach and my cohost on The Sport Social). It's called Play On: Helping teens stay in the game, and I'd love you to take a listen.

Off the back of the Matilda's epic World Cup campaign, a wave of tweens and teens are thinking about starting a new sport. That can be tricky, and often, no one's as good as they'd like to be. Stick around and let us unpack that for you.....

What to do when...you're the worst player in the team

Ouch. What do you do if you’re the worst player on the team? Bec, Georgie and Libby offer solutions for staying in the game including asking yourself to check the story you’re telling yourself about your performance. Libby shares how sucking at netball helped her find swimming and Georgie discusses the pain of being moved UP a level and being the weakest and youngest link.

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Available as a limited series here: https://rebeccasparrow.com/play-on/ (All That Glitters listeners can get a 10% discount using PLAY10. You're welcome).  Just follow the link and Play On will load into your preferred podcast app.


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