Develop the sutta meditations that work best for you...

Sutta Meditation Series

26-08-2021 • 16分

Welcome back to the Sutta Meditation Series Podcast.

A gentle reminder about the importance of attending to the sutta meditations and reaching the higher concentrations or mental absorptions frequently.

Also to really focus the practice on the sutta meditation(s) that resonate with you or work best for you. The ones that we can reach right concentration with, and be able to sustain that concentration.

When we develop frequent ease around accessing right concentration we continuously overcome the hindrances, lift our minds above sense pleasures, encourage a brighter mind, train ourselves with right view and lean towards Nibbana.

Some of the suttas mentioned in this short segment:

  • — Karaṇīyametta Sutta (Snp 1.8)
  • — Vatthūpama Sutta (MN 7)
  • — Sīlavanta Sutta (SN 22.122)
  • — Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (SN 56.11)
  • — Samādhi-bhāvanā Sutta (SN 22.5)
  • — Pesakaradhita Vatthu (Dhammapada Verse 174)

There is a Guided Meditation already published for the short form meditation for the Sīlavanta Sutta (SN 22.122) mentioned in this segment, titled "IS IT WORTH TAKING AS ME AND MINE?" (episode 115) -

Wishing everyone strength, conviction and wisdom on the Noble Eightfold Path.

Blessings of the Triple Gem. Theruwan saranai

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