Do You Need to Say NO?

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25-08-2023 • 24分

I’ve continued to fail over and over again in my business journey. It’s part of the game. Today, I talked about an important conversation that I had with my mentors at the time. I was very much a people pleaser in my youth and in my professional career. This eventually led to my own determent many times. More than I would like to admit. A “yes man,” in some seasons can be a great tool for you to get out of your comfort zone but if you’re going overboard, you might feel like you’re drowning. This question will likely come up almost every day as a professional and it’s a nice filter to keep in the back of your mind when you’re navigating your journey. In many cases, the No’s are far more important than the Yes’s. Stay strong my friends, you’ve got me and our community behind you. Listen on the go! Audible: Apple Podcasts: Castbox: Google Podcasts: iHeartRadio: RadioPublic: