S2E9. Romance (Or, They're Cousins. They're Lovers. It's Fine, It's Ancient Greece.)

The Fanfic Writers' Craft

12-05-2023 • 55分

In this episode, Jo (@pebblysand) and Lani (@copper-dust) talk about romance in fanfiction. They explore what defines romance as a genre and how it differs from platonic love and sexuality. They also discuss the concept of the OTPs and whether a story can be romantic without being about romantic love. Lani shares some of her favourite romantic quotes from original fiction, and they dive into which story elements we consider most important in writing romance. They also offer some advice on writing kissing scenes, using tropes, and pacing.

This week, we mention:

Your recommendations for this week are:

  • lowriseflare’s The Good Wife fics on livejournal. The author is also on AO3 (although their fics weren’t cross-posted).
  • Bookmarking the stories you like, please!

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