Ep. 7 Love Thyself & Necessary Resolutions

Rich Vibes and Overdrafts Podcast

30-05-2020 • 33分

During this catch up: Glory opens the episode up with her rendition of,  “Drunk In Love...” (please tell her to never do that again). The ladies discuss beauty and if they would ever get plastic surgery, expanding on last week’s conversation regarding insecurities. Do you love thyself? Where does your confidence come from? Do you know your worth? We discover Jenae has a Scorpio moon – the petty tendencies gave it away (very compatible with Glory’s Pisces moon)… long story short, they are both emotional. Open relationships, sex on the beach, shows they are watching and feelings about the current state of the world… the beginning of a longer conversation... (Be sure to follow RVO on Instagram: @richvibesandoverdrafts).