The Shadow Side of Motherhood & Birth and Life as a Ritual and a Ceremony with Olivia Hughes

A Podcast for Moms

29-09-2021 • 1時間 13分

Olivia Hughes is a first-time mom navigating the beautiful dance of the first year of motherhood. Olivia holds a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and she is a leader in the yoga, healing, and consciousness communities. She supports other women (and men) as a mentor, yoga teacher, and Reiki Master.

During our conversation, Olivia shares about her current work - the work she is doing at home. She said, “our healing is our job and our healing is our work.” We explore how she is honoring the shadow side of motherhood and how Olivia sees birth and life as a ritual and a ceremony.

We discuss:

  • Honoring our shadows in a safe and healthy way
  • How our families’ of origin shaped our ideals for our own families and how we are tending to past wounds from childhood
  • Coping with being triggered in motherhood
  • Supporting the men/divine masculine as we stay connected to our feminist roots
  • The powerful work we do at home at home with ourselves and with our families
  • How Olivia created a pregnancy and home birth experience that was on her own terms
  • Ritual and Ceremony and finding ritual and ceremony in the mundane

Powerful Words from Olivia:

  • “Our children are here to be our deepest teachers and greatest healer.”
  • On Partnership: “How can I help you understand me? How can I listen with my heart?”
  • On Mothering: “Do I want to be perfect or do I want to be real?”
  • “The work of the home is powerful.”
  • On Birth: “I knew it was going to be just me walking through that gate…”
  • “Everything is a ritual. Everything is a ceremony.”




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