Gender Equity at Home, in Relationships, and at Work with Annie Warshaw

A Podcast for Moms

21-07-2021 • 1時間 11分

Annie Warshaw is a mom of 3, Co-Founder + CEO of Mission Propelle and Youth Alliance Yoga, a Gender Justice Professor at Roosevelt University, a Skokie School Board Representative, and Julia’s personal favorite, co-host and executive producer of the podcast with her son, Grant.

Annie shares her approach to parenting and how she navigates her many roles through equitably sharing responsibilities with her partner and including her children in housework. This conversation will inspire you to be strategic at home so you have the time and energy to pursue your passions outside of motherhood. You’ll definitely enjoy a couple of laughs, too.

We discuss:

  • The ways in which Annie’s understanding of motherhood changed after she had her first baby - specifically in regard to how society values mom
  • Annie shares how she goes to sleep at night feeling “pretty balanced” with all of her competing priorities and how she does it
  • Mission Propelle and Youth Alliance Yoga, Annie’s two companies
  • Annie discusses how she pivoted her business during the pandemic - Mission Propelle is a  consultancy that helps corporations and nonprofits to create sustainable environments for working parents
  • Annie offers suggestions to working parents: joining/creating a parenting affinity group and approach the HR department with a clear action item for improvement
  • Julia asks Annie “how she does it” - referring to her many demanding roles, while also being a present, engaged mom
  • The mental load of motherhood and how Annie makes it more manageable by equitably sharing responsibilities with her partner and including her children in housework
  • The importance of being strategic and planning your time
  • Parenting to 3 children
  • Gender Justice and how Annie brings it into her life and home
  • Annie encourages moms to be kinder to themselves
  • Annie’s Family Value: Honesty, Communication, Always be a Punk
  • Annie’s experiences with IVF, conceiving naturally, her pregnancies, and breastfeeding