The Troubleshooter 1-14-20

The Troubleshooter

14-01-2020 • 2時間 16分

Guests Today are Chase (Johnson Construction) & Tim (Rocky Mountain RetroFoam)!
Babu owns an Indian Restaurant and wants to know how to attract more customers, Vince paid up front for his refrigerator repair and after ordering parts it ended up being $250 less but have not got the refund back, Preston's former employer has not given him any paystubs, Rocky is asking if "Car Shield" would be good for a used car warranty, Toni's 2012 Subaru was towed and the tow company dragged it 100' and now she is having trouble with her car, Annette wants help buying a new car, Joseph's car was totaled by a driver who passed out because of low blood sugar, this and much more.