Sounds of Love & Fire: Devotional Chanting of Sanskrit Mantras, Sutras & Stotras

Michael Nardi

Devotional Chanting of Sanskrit Mantras, Stotrams & Sutras

Mike completed his undergraduate work at Mercyhurst University and holds a Master of Science from Walden University. Mike taught in various school settings until he left education to empower families struggling with teen drug addiction. In 2007, Mike was certified by the International School of Reiki. While completing his certificate of Theological studies at the Seminary, Mike opened a Healing Practice. He primarily worked with Hospice patients to reach clarity before dying, assisting their families with grief and helping the hospice staff with self-care. Then Mike began to practice meditation and mantra extensively, while being a stay-at-home parent. Mike was a student of Samuel Sagan, founder of Clairvision School of Meditation, who recognized him as a practitioner of the Inner Space Techniques (IST). Subsequently, Mike was an apprentice of Mama Gaya of the Ruiz family, during the last years of Her life and spent time in India with Her and Teotihuacan, Mexico with the family. Mike continues his studies in fellowship at the Clairvision School of Meditation and offers the Inner Space Techniques at Embody.

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