TheGardenWarrior podcast

Paul Davis & Alison Norrington

Known for his approachable, fun and ‘can do’ manner, Paul Davis aka The Garden Warrior has led teams across many celebrity gardens. One of the UK’s most fun celebrity gardener-to-the-stars shows you behind the scenes of his day to day business, punctuated through with his funny stories and anecdotes. Paul opens the door to a network of stately homes, gardens of the rich and famous, sheikhs, lords, ladies, judges and celebrities and their head gardeners on his funny, insightful and factual new multi-season series; with an insight never before seen before. Paul has had his own mental health problems and is now making a TV series on gardening and the effects it has on your mood – which is now out of control in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Paul suffered a mental breakdown first hand, and speaks with social scientists and gardeners to talk about mental health but also the power of getting your hands dirty. With the current pressures of day to day living, gardening is known for relieving mental stress in peoples lives. The Garden Warrior will inspire global audiences to get outside. Paul will show you how simple it is to enjoy your garden and how planning through the year will allow you to reap the rewards beyond the most popular and warm summer months. Over last 30 years Paul has worked on some of the countries leading establishments, working alongside many creative people. He has trained hundreds of gardeners to be successful and establish their own businesses. Pauls unique and easy humour has helped him along the way, with his mental health problems and on to his A list clients, all of whom have given him support and friendship through the period of his mental breakdown. Through years of experience, master gardener Paul Davis has seen too many clients who are afraid to tackle simplest of jobs to maintain their gardens. Pauls’ approach comes from 50 years of being surrounded by a family of award-winning gardeners, a long-standing RHS member and is grounded in a balance of knowing what’s right for your garden with not being afraid to tackle it. The journey started when he was 5 watching his grandfather grow amazing vegetables for the London shows, which he won many awards for. The Garden Warrior is your go-to guide to give you the knowledge and confidence to get to grips with your garden and to simplify the challenges that grow along the way as you’re building your dream. read less