My Fertility Journey Amidst Heartache: How I'm Moving Forward With My IUI [Guest: Natalie Puche]

Faith & Other F Words

08-08-2023 • 49分

Get ready for a candid and heart-to-heart conversation. I'm joined by my incredible cousin Natalie, as we delve into her fertility journey, a path that took an unexpected received heartbreaking news about her sister's miscarriage. We toss around that well-intentioned but irksome phrase, "It's God's Plan," and unravel a tapestry of spiritual experiences that cover rose petals and even psychedelic mushrooms.

Natalie updates us on her faith journey, Natalie shares a bit of her faith journey and her feeling of "connectedness" with God.  We even wander into the realm of a hypothetical joint session with Dave Chappelle, Kanye West, and Obama at the dinner table. Tune in for a raw, sassy, and sensitive exchange that might just redefine your perspective on life's twists and turns.

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