Waiting For The PERFECT Conditions - Whoops, we're still doing this thang

Faith & Other F Words

24-05-2023 • 22分

After almost a year long break..... Thania is BAAAACCCK! And with a very relatable message on how we LOSE out when we're waiting for the perfect circumstances and conditions. She shares how we're not considering all the lesson and opportunities we would have gained if we just went for it, how happiness and satisfaction shouldn't be reliant on the statement "I'll be  _____ when I do _____". Even if you don't have ADHD or suffer from executive dysfunction, everyone can relate to analysis paralysis and not going after what you really want because negative self-affirming thoughts get in your way.

Tune in to hear where her spiritual journey is and a quick pep talk to kick off your week! If you liked this episode head over to IG and DM me @tataconquers --- I LOVE hearing your feedback and it brings me such joy and purpose to hear this episode helped you.


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