Self-Forgiveness & Ditching The Pursuit of Perfection In Our Christianity

Faith & Other F Words

11-08-2023 • 26分

Ever feel  like you've fallen off God's VIP list and now you're too far gone?  Today's episode is all about self-forgiveness and ditching the pursuit of happiness to actually turn deeper towards God instead of away.

For those moments when you side-eye the heavens and go, "God, seriously? I'm like the poster child for messing up!"  We'll unravel the vibes of inadequacy and dive into those times when we felt like we might have royally messed up on the heavenly dance floor.

Cue the dramatic music, because we're bringing in the heavyweights – Moses, Noah, and a squad of other "unqualified" heroes from the Bible.

Cause let's be real, to err is human – and trust me, we've all done some divinely questionable stuff. And yes, we'll drop some wisdom nuggets on how to wrap ourselves in that forgiveness glow.

We dive a bit into the Buddist practice of just being present, and avoiding labeling experiences. We'll decode why putting the "good Christian" or "bad Christian" stamp on things might be cramping your divine style. Embracing the messy, the chaotic, and the fabulous, we're stepping into a world where every chapter is a stepping stone to our badass bitch era.

Wrap it all up with the ultimate truth bomb – God hasn't painted us into a corner with a "permanent marker." We're a canvas of endless possibilities, babes, and trust me, He's got that masterpiece planned for us.


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