Fort Friday: PiratesFest, 2024 Pirates Offseason, & Bobbleheads

North Shore Nine: A Pittsburgh Pirates Podcast

06-01-2024 • 1時間 24分

In episode 2 of Fort Friday we kick things off talking the return of PiratesFest. With the long overdue return there was a very positive buzz once announced that (at least as perceived on twitter) was immediately crushed when the tickets for autographs were extremely limited and mostly given to season ticket holders. Was this another communication issue with the organization? Also, let's hear from Fort what these mean from a players point of view and some of his best memories.

It's now 2024, so we discuss the progress of the Pirates current offseason and how things appear to be shaping up for this upcoming season. Are things optimistic? Is there something brewing currently? If not, why could there possibly be such a delay?

Lastly, as asked by one of our listeners Kyle, Fort ranks the bobble heads of his former teammates from S-Tier all the way down to D-Tier.

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