Fort Friday: What Former Bucco Would Be On Our Football Team

North Shore Nine: A Pittsburgh Pirates Podcast

27-01-2024 • 59分

With the recent news of the Pirates signing Aroldis Chapman, we discuss the signing and how it fits with the Pirates. DiNardo takes Fort down memory lane to try and compare this 2024 bullpen to the mid 2010's the Fort caught for as well.

This transitions into our guest voicemails as our first question asks Fort if he would have any ill will towards Trevor Bauer if he was in the same clubhouse as him. Fresh off a few other Trevor Bauer discussions this week, we dive into this with a few different perspectives.

Lastly, with another listener questions, Fort looks at some former Bucco's to form an 11-man offense football team in the spirit of the NFL Playoffs. I'll say there were some deep cuts here and players you probably would never have thought of in certain positions.

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