And My Next Guest Is ... part 5

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28-11-2022 • 20分

And my next guest is … part 5

In today's episode, we explore the equipment you need to record on podcast and what you need to do to prep for the actual interview.

To get the most out of this set of shows, listen to them in order. Also, download the accompanying pdf doc that shows you visuals so you can more easily follow along and learn how to pitch yourself to be on podcasts.

If you’re ready to get your message out there, podcasts are one of the best media to help you. But how do you pitch yourself? What’s the process? What are the steps to do it effectively?

Over the next few alternate weeks, I’ll detail how to prepare and pitch yourself to podcast hosts so they can’t wait to have you on their shows.

As a fun bonus, I’ve developed a pdf that shows you the visuals of everything I’m talking about so you can following along.

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