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05-02-2024 • 38分

Best Practices for Setting Up a Reading of Your Work.

Whether you've written a book, a play, or movie, eventually you'll need to hear it out loud. Believe me, you learn a ton.

Here are some things you need to know, so you get the most useful feedback and provide the best experience for the participants and the audience.

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Lessons I Learned From Setting Up a Table Read of My New Play

Welcome back to another insightful episode of the Creative Solutions Podcast, where we delve into the world of creativity coaching, creative leadership, and the arts. In today's episode, we explore the invaluable experience of setting up a reading of your work, whether it's a book, play, or movie. Trust me; you're about to discover the secrets that will elevate your creative process to new heights.

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Lessons Learned from "Listen!" - A Table Read Revelation: In this episode, we're diving deep into the lessons learned from Izolda's recent table read of her new play, "Listen!" As a creative, you've poured your heart and soul into your work, and eventually, the need to hear it out loud becomes imperative. Izolda shares her journey and the wealth of information she gained from the experience.

  1. Insights from Intuition: The episode kicks off with a discussion on the importance of intuition in the creative process. Discover how tapping into your intuitive side can provide unique insights into your work, allowing you to fine-tune it for maximum impact.

  2. Navigating the Creative Waters: Setting up a table read can feel like navigating uncharted waters. Learn the best practices to ensure your participants and audience have a memorable experience. From selecting the right venue to creating the perfect ambiance, we've got you covered.

  3. Ingenious Feedback Techniques: Feedback is the lifeblood of any creative endeavor. Uncover the ingenious feedback techniques that will provide you with constructive insights, allowing you to refine and polish your work.

  4. Artists and Arts Coaching: We delve into the crucial role of artists and arts coaching in the creative process. Gain a deeper understanding of how collaborating with fellow creatives and seeking professional coaching can propel your work to new heights.

  5. Unleashing the Power of Our episode is proudly sponsored by, Izolda's favorite productivity and well-being app. Explore how incorporating into your creative routine can enhance focus, boost creativity, and foster a positive mindset.

Conclusion: Whether you're a seasoned artist or a budding creative spirit, setting up a reading of your work is a pivotal step in your journey. The lessons shared in this episode will not only empower you with insights but also ensure that your creative expression resonates with your audience on a profound level.

Tune in now to the Creative Solutions Podcast and take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your creative genius. Don't miss out on the chance to revolutionize your approach to creativity, one table read at a time.

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