Self Care Tips for the New Montessori Parent

Montessori Babies

15-01-2023 • 22分

In Season 2 Episode 11 of our Montessori Babies podcast, we are talking all about an element of being a Prepared Adult as a Montessori parent via self-care!

This week we discussed:

  • Why we need to fill our own cup as a Montessori Parent
  • How our own self care has an impact on baby
  • Simple yet effective tips that take minimal time for the sleepy, busy parent
  • and more!

Links from today's show:

Benefits of Journaling

Benefits of Reading

Diagram for how to hold baby with good posture

NOTE: Please check with your doctor before starting any pregnancy or postpartum workout routine. 💖

Fav workouts linked below:

Boho Beautiful 10 Minute Yoga with Baby

10 Minute Postpartum Strengthen Workout

10 Minute No Impact Workout

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