#13: Dissecting CASPer Test Questions: How to Approach Behavioral Interview Questions

PreMed Success

14-08-2022 • 18分

What are behavioral interview questions and how should you respond to them during your CASPer exam?

In this series, Dr. Rajani Katta, author of the MMI book and The Medical School Interview book, reviews the main types of CASPer test questions and how to approach them.

In order to prepare for CASPer test questions, it helps to understand the different types of questions and how to formulate your responses. Dr. Rajani Katta dissects the different question types, and in this episode, she presents her detailed outline of behavioral interview questions. What are behavioral interview questions? What are some examples? How can you use the STAR approach and lessons learned to create the strongest response possible? She also presents two sample scenarios along with sample typed responses to 3 questions and sample video responses to 3 questions.

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