#6: Medical School Admissions Interview: More important than GPA or MCAT?

PreMed Success

10-05-2022 • 13分

After all those hours spent in class and studying for the MCAT, not to mention poring over your application and personal statement to make sure it's just right, you've received the words you've been waiting to hear. "We would like to invite you for an interview..."     The final hurdle in the medical school admissions process is the interview. But how important is it really? A review of discussion forums reveals very different views. Some students believe that the interview is merely a formality and that the decision has already been made. Others maintain that you must take it as seriously as your GPA and MCAT.   Join Dr. Rajani Katta and Dr. Samir Desai as they discuss the medical school interview in great depth and give you an insiders' perspective of its importance and role in the admissions process.

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