#265 ART OF LISTENING • tune into your own voice & frequency [ENG]

Prana up your Life. Dein Podcast für mehr Lebensenergie.

09-02-2023 • 34分

This episode is recorded by Jasmin in English, while walking through the Cretan Nature. If you are up for an inspirational walk with Jasmin, listen and learn how to listen to your own voice and what the art of listening really is. The art of listening is about tuning into a frequency that gives you the room and the space to listen and to receive again. Give yourself the permission to listen, to practice the art of listening. And THEN you will find out that you have many voices in your head, that might also be distracting you from truly listening, from truly listening to your intuition and to also a voice that might be telling you a higher form of wisdom that is only meant for you. That will tell you your own highest truth, the highest truth for you. You will know when this voice is talking to you, because you have learned to listen again. If you like and come and experience this with me. Listen to your own voice. How? I call it the THETA experience. Practice the theta state which helps you to really listen and distinguish the different voices. Now, every Tuesday & Wednesday at 7:15 (german time) for 20-30 minutes. Join me here: https://www.fyndery.de/online/kurs/9784/theta-experience/?ref=6251 Looking forward to practicing the art of listening with you. Always stay connected, Yours Jasmin