Audacious Dreams and Ikigai with Lowell Sheppard

Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai

21-03-2022 • 55分

This week on the podcast I talk to the inspirational Lowell Sheppard. Lowell is the Founder of HOPE International Development Agency Japan, author of the book Never Too Late and Founder of the Never Too Late Academy, and an avid sailor. He is currently training for his dream solo voyage across the Pacific, by sailing around Japan in collaboration with the History Channel.

Lowell shares some truly remarkable stories about his work as a social entrepreneur, his love of sailing, how he conceptualizes his ikigai and his legacy, and how he helps others find their purpose and to achieve their dreams.

If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, we’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The relationship between dreams and ikigai
  • What Nemo North is, and why Lowell considers it to be part of his ikigai
  • How the possibility of learning new things is also a huge part of Lowell’s ikigai
  • About Lowell’s Never Too Late Community and why it resonates with people, especially middle-aged men
  • Where Lowell sees his legacy, you may need some tissues handy!

About  Lowell:

Lowell Sheppard is an author, speaker, social entrepreneur, former minister, Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, husband, father, long-distance cyclist, and aspiring sailor. Lowell has spent his entire adult life working with established non-government organisations (also known as non-profit societies) and in several NGO start-ups. As Founder of HOPE International Development Agency Japan, Lowell has seen the growth of HOPE-JP to be in the top 2% of charitable organisations in Japan with the coveted “nintei” certified tax-deductible status.

Lowell has served for the last twenty years as an informal advisor to companies and boards in the area of ethical decision making and thought leadership with a focus on community legacy. He has dedicated much of his life to social and environmental improvement projects.

As an author, his book Never Too Late (Lion Hudson PLC, 2005) was published in four languages and was the catalyst for his latest social enterprise called the Never Too Late Academy, which helps others gain the courage and tools to realize their dreams. T

he flagship course is called “Daring To Realize Your Dream”.

Lowell moved onto a sailboat two years ago in Tokyo and is currently sailing full time around Japan, training for his solo crossing of the Pacific before the age of 70. His voyage is being documented by the History Channel.

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