Strong as a Working Mom

Carrie Holland, MD, CPT

Are you a busy, high-achieving working mom who wants to lose weight, maintain a healthy body, or simply feel GOOD? This podcast is for you. You have two demanding jobs – one at work, and one at home. If in the process of landing your career and having a family, you’ve stopped taking care of yourself, let’s fix that, NOW. Each week, you’ll walk away with tools to make your wellness non-negotiable, no matter how busy you are. We’re going far beyond fitness to cover the real stuff: No more perfectionism. No more imposter syndrome. No more all-or-nothing thinking. Drop your negative self-talk, pick up your headphones, and prepare to change the way you eat, move, and (most importantly) think. This is not about a quick fix, but it IS about changing how you live your life so you can live in the body you want, with the mind to match. Join your host, Dr. Carrie Holland, MD, family physician, certified personal trainer, and certified life coach as she shares real, practical strategies that you can start using immediately to become stronger, inside and out. Learn more at read less