Dad, How Do I? Podcast: Personal: Lawless Forge, Made A Knife, One Thing: Road Trip, Places To Go, Snacks, Parental Memory: Travis' NCAA Tournament and working with Dad, Shout Outs

Dad, How Do I?

28-03-2023 • 48分

Hey Kids!
Thanks for listening to another episode of the "Dad, How Do I? Podcast" with the internet's dad (Rob Kenney) and my nephew Travis.  In this episode, I talk about how I was able to make a knife out of rebar with the direction of the people at Lawless Forge.  We also talk about road trips, places we've been, the snacks that keeping us going, and more.  Travis shares his parental memory this time around about working with his dad in a cabinet shop around this time of year over 20 years ago.  What was your first job?  Did you ever work with a family member somewhere?  Email us the story at and we would love to read about it.
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God Bless!