Dad, How Do I? Podcast: Dad Joke, Celebrating 3 years of DHDI, Vegas Trip Recap, Easy Fix Booth Experience, Covid Travis, Travel Tips, Tipping, Super Bowl Prediction and Favorites, Shout Outs

Dad, How Do I?

07-02-2023 • 47分

Hey Kids!

Thank you for listening to another episode of "Dad, How Do I? Podcast" with me (Rob Kenney) and my nephew Travis. In this episode, we talk about the upcoming 3 year anniversary to the Dad, How Do I? Youtube channel, his Las Vegas Trip/EasyFix Booth Experience, Covid sweeping Travis' household, traveling tips, tipping, and more. What do you do to research a trip where you have to travel? Who is going to the win Super Bowl?  You can email us questions that we will read on the podcast or live stream at

Thanks for listening and have a great week!

God Bless