Album Review Crew Episode 40 "Don't Say No"

Shout It Out Loudcast

29-03-2023 • 2時間 10分

On the 40th Episode of the Album Review Crew of Shout It Out Loudcast, Tom, Zeus & Sonny review the 1981 rock album "Don't Say No" by solo artist, Billy Squier. The album went all the way up to #5 on Billboard's album charts. It produced 3 Top 45 hits and the album went triple platinum and remained on the charts for two years. It was the early days of MTV and Don't Say No was made for it. Squier's song were all over MTV back then. This was Billy Squier's 2nd studio album. His band was highlighted by the hard hitting drummer, Bobby Chouinard, lead guitarist Cary Sharaf, Alan St. Jon on keyboards and Mark Clarke on bass. Billy provided the amazing vocals and rhythm guitar. The album was produced by Reinhold Mack & Billy Squier. As usual the boys breakdown and dissect the tracks and rank the songs. They then rank the album and the album cover against the previous 38 albums reviewed on the Album Review Crew. This was Tom's pick so naturally he picked a great album by a local Boston legend, Billy Squier So if you're my kinda lover and you know what I like, make sure you stroke me in the dark, c'mon don't say no! For all things Shout It Out Loudcast check out our amazing website by clicking below:   Interested in more Shout It Out Loudcast content? Care to help us out? Come join us on Patreon by clicking below:   SIOL Patreon   Get all your Shout It Out Loudcast Merchandise by clicking below: Shout It Out Loudcast Merchandise at AMAZON   Shop At Our Amazon Store by clicking below: Shout It Out Loudcast Amazon Store   Please Email us comments or suggestions by clicking below:   Please subscribe to us and give us a 5 Star (Child) review on the following places below: iTunes Podchaser Stitcher iHeart Radio Spotify   Please follow us and like our social media pages clicking below: Twitter Facebook Page Facebook Group Page Shout It Out Loudcasters Instagram YouTube Proud Member of the Pantheon Podcast click below to see the website: Pantheon Podcast Network Learn more about your ad choices. Visit