Mix & Matchbox Podcast

Matchbox Design Group

How do I successfully market my business online? What goes into building a custom website? Which digital tools are actually worth it? If you’ve found yourself asking any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! The Mix & MatchBox podcast explores innovative digital tools, dissects complicated marketing strategies, and offers pro tips on how to grow your business online. Join podcast host Brent Feldman, Cofounder of Matchbox Design Group, in interviews with members of the Matchbox team, industry partners, and other marketing specialists. We’ll break down complex marketing topics into bite-sized pieces to help you hone your marketing skills and thrive online. We realize that our mission to “make the web better” is bigger than just us. So we’re passing the torch to you and hoping that you’ll join us in making the internet a more responsive, user-friendly, and accessible place for all. read less